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April 4, 2008

 Prez's Soapbox, xAble partnership, Commish Corner, Spotlight and more

February 1, 2008

 Prez's Soapbox, International, Spotlight and more

December 1, 2007

 2007-08 Deadlines, Spokes Ableman, Ref's Corner, Insurance, Spotlight and more

October 1, 2007

 2007-08 Deadlines, President's Soapbox, Ref's Corner, Finance, Spotlight and more

August 1, 2007

 2007-08 Deadlines, Commish report, Team USQRA, Spotlight and more

June 1, 2007

 2007 Nationals Followup, AGM Results, USQRA Awards, Spotlight and more

April 4, 2007

 President's Message, New Look, Committees, Commish report, Spotlight and more

February 1, 2007

 AGM proposals, President's Message, Spokes at Coloplast, Commish report, Spotlight and more

December 4, 2006

 New Season, President's Message, Spokes at Disney, Secretary report, Spotlight and more

October 4, 2006

 Team USA World Champions, President's Soapbox, Deadlines, Spotlight and more

August 1, 2006

 Team USA, Spokes Ableman, Deadlines, Clinics, Spotlight and more

June 1, 2006

 Nationals, President's Soapbox, Deadlines, Top 20 and more

April 3, 2006

 Presidents Message, AGM Information, Nationals update

January, 2006

 NEW! Letter from the President, Post-Season, Top 20, AGM Info

June 9, 2005

 Presidents Messages, Top 20 List, Murderball release dates/locations

February, 2005

 Letters from the President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Dec. 21, 2004

 Board Messages, Rule Changes, RAC and Region/Section Breakdown, Fines, Transfers.

July, 2004

 Letter from President, Vice President, Commissioner, Treasurer and Secretary. AGM and Bylaw Changes, Player Transfers, Team USA

Mar 14, 2004

AGM Announcement, Agenda for 2004 AGM,  Proposed Rule and Bylaw changes, Chair Specs, Proxy Ballot
November, 2003

Letter from President, Commissioners Report, Rule and Bylaw Changes, Classification Changes, Player Transfers, Award Nominations, Post Season Hosts, Player Eligibility, Athlete Development Fund, Rugby Schedule, IWRF Report,

March 2003

Presidentís Message, AGM Info, Commissioners Message, Sponsors Thanks, Rugby Clinics, USQRA 2003 Auction, AGM Registration Form

Sept 16, 2002

Team Registration Forms, Letter from the President and Commissioner, Postseason Dates, Top 20, News, Transfer Rule

Mar 22, 2001

AGM Announcement, Seeding for Nationals, Agenda for 2001 AGM, Proposed Rule and Bylaw changes, Resumes and Proxy Ballot
October 1, 2000

Letter from the Commissioner, Paralympic Update, Registration Notice, Postseason Dates, Bylaw Changes, Top 20, News from the Secretary, Tentative Rugby Schedule

Dec. 21, 1999

President's Message, News from the Secretary, Classification Committee Report, Wheelchair Specifications Report, Nationals Announcement, Regional and Sectional dates, Sectional Breakdown, USQRA Board Listing, USQRA Award Nominations, Advanced Clinic Host Needed, Commissioner's Note
June 20, 1999  Mikkelsen Cup, 2 Tier Rugby, USQRA Awards, Paralympic Staff Positions, Hosts Sought, Notes from the AGM, Wheelchair Specs, Date Changes, USQRA Top 20 , 2000 USQRA Board Members

April 8, 1999

Nationals Information, Wheelchair Auction, AGM Agenda, Proposed Changes, Proposed Rule Changes, Classification Issues, Executive Board Positions, 1999 US National Team Tryouts
Mar. 10, 1999 Nationals, AGM, Elections,USQRA award ballets, Deadlines.

Jan. 22, 1999

Team transfers, Dates for Rule and Bylaw changes, AGM Update, Rugby Clinics, USQRA annual awards, Team reps list.
Dec. 20, 1998 Nationals site announcement, Dues and Insurance policy, Team transfers and withdrawls, Wheelchair Specs, Classification Information, Various USQRA annual award ballets.

Sep. 25, 1998

1998 World Championships, Hosts Sought, Classification Clinic, Classifiers, Presidents Message, Tournament Bids, Rugby Schedule, 98 Roster & Instructions, Ball Order Form, Executive Board,
May. 9, 1998 Minutes from the 1998 Annual General Meeting. Top 20 list. USQRA Awards and Thanks to our sponsors.

Mar. 1, 1998

Presidents Message, 1998 AGM Agenda, Nationals Information, Proposed Rule Changes, Proposed Constitution & Bylaws, USQRA/PVA Clinics, Board Positions & Biographies,.Classifiers & Referees for Nationals, World Championships Information, Secretaries Note, Classification Protest Form, Proxy Ballot
Feb. 13, 1998 Brief information on the 1998 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Topics include proposed rule changes, proposed bylaw & constitution changes, Executive Board positions, awards and PVA clinics.

Jan. 13, 1998

Rehash of earlier January newsletter below plus, Player additions, Transfers, Executive Board positions, Hall of Fame, Athlete of the Year, Spirit of Achievement award, Raffle, Important dates to know and Post Season play schedule.
Jan. 8, 1998 Information on post-season play including: Requirements of rostered players, Team Withdrawal, Regional Transfers, Seeding, Post Season Play for 1998
Sept.1997 1998 World championships & tryout info, Fund raising opportunity, Classification clinics, Hall of Fame, Referee info, Hosting Nationals, 1997-98 Roster & instructions, 1997-98 USQRA Board of Directors.
April 1997 Information on Nationals, Stoke Mandeville Update, AGM Agenda, Athlete Advisory Committee, Proposed Constitutional Changes, Proposed By Law Changes, Proposed Rule Changes
Mar. 1997 Rule clarifications:ART 13 WHEELCHAIR, USQRA legal wheelchair front-end illustrations.
Dec.1996 Clarification of rule from previous newsletter, Wheelchair and innovative changes, Update on latest Ruling, Wheelchair Specification Committee, Procedures for Tip bars exemption
Sept.1996 Communications, Rule changes voted on at the AGM, Bylaw changes voted on at the AGM, Roster application and instructions for membership, Order form for official volleyballs, Voting form for Classification changes to be adopted internationally, Insurance Notice from Wheelchair Sports, USA
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