USQRA Hall of Fame

The USQRA Hall of Fame would like to thank Eagle Sportschairs, for their sponsorship and support.

The USQRA Hall of Fame was established in 1998.  It was created to enshrine, in the form of a permanent record, the names of those individuals who have exerted a distinctive, positive influence of unique dimension on the sport of quad rugby.

Two classes of individuals shall be clearly identified for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

(a) Competitors: This class includes all those who, by virtue of their unique and singular achievements as players or coaches, are deserving of recognition in the Hall of Fame.

(b) Non-competitors: This class includes all those, disabled and able-bodied alike, who are deserving of recognition by virtue of their considered contributions to the development, growth, support and advancement of wheelchair rugby without regard to their prowess as players.

Hall of Fame Members

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