We’re looking for a few good PT’s, OT’s and Physicians who love wheelchair sports!!

This area has been created to give future classifiers and players information on classification.

classification2.jpg (16423 bytes)To play wheelchair rugby a person must be classified into a specific class. The classification process consists of a formal strength and functional evaluation by certified USQRA classifiers who are licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists or physicians.



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Who can be a classifier: Any individual (PT, OT, MD) with formal training in neuromuscular evaluation and demonstrates competence in manual muscle testing of the upper extremities, trunk, and lower extremities can become a wheelchair rugby classifier. One must also have the knowledge or willingness to learn about wheelchair sports, specifically rugby.


Classifier Certification:

There are four levels of certification for classifiers.





Tournament Classification

classification3.jpg (7630 bytes)For a tournament to have a valid classification panel, a team of 3 classifiers must be present. For regional tournaments, one of the classifiers must be a level 3 or 4 classifier to give athletes final classes. For post season tournaments, two level IV classifiers must be on the panel. At Nationals, two level IV classifiers must be present.

To find out who is the Level IV classifier closest to you (in your region), contact a board member or your regional rep. (see below)


Player Classification

Wheelchair rugby players are classed into one of seven classes: .5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5

With the higher classes going to those players that have higher functional levels and the lower class players are players with less function.

There are three off the court components used to determine players’ classification:

  1. Bench Test - a muscle test is performed on all upper extremity musculature, in addition to an examination of range of motion, tone, and sensation.
  1. Functional Trunk Test - assessment of the trunk and lower extremities in all planes and situations, this may include a manual muscle test of the trunk muscles.
  1. Functional Movement Tests - pushing, turning, stopping, starting, holding your chair against resistance, dribbling, passing, rimming and transferring are some of the functional skills that may be evaluated.

A player will also be evaluated on the court, while playing, to help determine which class he/she falls into.

There are functional characteristics and identified muscle grades for each player class. Through the testing as summarized above the characteristics and muscle strengths are determined and a player is given a class that is agreed upon by the full panel of classifiers. If a full panel is not present a player may be given a temporary class that is good until the player is at a tournament with a full classification board when he must get a formal class. If the panel is unable to come to a unanimous decision or if the panel would like other classifiers to evaluate a player, a review class is given to a player (i.e. 3.0R). This player would then be looked at by another panel while playing under the class he was given by the first panel.


The Classification Manual

As of the 2005 USQRA AGM we have adopted the International Wheelchair Rugby Federationís classification manual (for definitions of classes).  The IWRF Manual is available on line at 
www.IWRF.com, or click here for the direct link.

The USQRA Classification Committee has itís own set of policy and procedures that relate specifically to our organization.  This manual addendum is currently being worked on.  If you have any questions or concerns please email Trisha Suhr at trishasuhr@aol.com.


A Formal Protest

If a player does not agree with his final classification or if a team or player disagrees with another player’s class they may classificationsubmit a formal protest. This is done by obtaining a protest form from a classifier, submitting it in a timely manner at a tournament with a valid classification panel along with $50 that will be returned to you if you are found to be right in the protest.

*Note: click on link above to print form, or here to download protest form.



Upcoming Events

We are now considering what tournaments to have classification panels at for the 2006-2007 rugby season.  If you are interested or feel your tournament would benefit from a classification panel please contact Lauren Rosen at PTLauren@aol.com.  Tournaments that  we are considering include: Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Beast of the East, Milwaukee, Shepherd, Pasadena and Tampa.

Current Issues/Updates

International Classification in the USQRA 

1. An International Class of a USQRA member will be upheld in the US.

2. Any foreign player playing with a US team will need a USQRA classification to play in a US tournament.

3. International teams playing at a US tournament must have International or Zonal classifications to play.

USQRA Classification Board of Directors

Title Name E-mail address
Chairperson Lauren Rosen ptlauren@aol.com
Secretary/Treasurer  Cyndy Ellis  cyndyellis@yahoo.com
Database Administrator Lauren Rosen ptlauren@aol.com
Educational Training Michelle Lanouette Michelle.Lanouette@med.va.gov
Policy and Procedure Trisha Suhr    trishasuhr@aol.com

Sectional Contacts

Section Name E-mail address
Atlantic Lauren Rosen ptlauren@aol.com
Heartland Michelle Lanouette Michelle.Lanouette@med.va.gov
Mountain Trisha Suhr trishasuhr@aol.com
Pacific Trisha Suhr trishasuhr@aol.com

To contact your sectional representative, please use the e-mail addresses above or contact any classification member and they will put you in touch with your rep.

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