June 2007

CWU Quad Rugby Exhibition
By Wimsey Cherrington

Ellensburg, WA - The second annual “Murderball in Action” exhibition match took place at Central Washington University’s Nicholson Pavilion on May 24. The Seattle Slam (joined by BC player Say Luangkhamdeng) and the Portland Pounders (joined by Travis Murao from BC) faced off before 150 cheering fans for a couple of quarters as two MCs explained the rules and announced plays. Then the CWU Wildcats rugby players went up against a combined Slam/Pounders team for three six-minute quarters.

The crowd roared as the Wildcats experienced some solid hits, struggled to get the ball down the court, and occasionally managed to score a goal. When the teams reconfigured to a mix of Slam/Pounders/Wildcat players, the odds evened. When the Wildcats learned to follow their picks, they were more successful at scoring. Finally, fans from the stands jumped into chairs and into the game.

Everyone had a lot of fun at the event, which was the highlight of CWU’s disability awareness week and Student Appreciation Day. Hungry and thirsty after the vigorous play, Slam/Pounders/Wildcat athletes and some avid fans downed burgers and brews at a local pub before heading home.

The Daily Record, Ellensburg’s local paper, ran a front-page story the next day. Click Here to read it.

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