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The United States Quad Rugby Association exists to provide opportunity, support, and structure for competitive wheelchair rugby to people with disabilities.
We are here to help people get involved in the fastest growing wheelchair sport in the world. Quad Rugby and the USQRA have changed lives. There is story after story of people getting involved with the sport who have found, through peer interaction or just the raw desire to compete, the competitive outlet they hadn’t felt since before their disability. Some, disabled from birth or childhood, may be feeling the competitive fire for the first time. Almost without exception, the positive influence of this challenging sport transfers into players’ everyday lives. That positive power may be the best thing we can say about our association and our game. Smashing Stereotypes  
One Hit at a Time is the main message of our players and our sport. Quad rugby is a tough, give-no-quarter game. Our players’ lives – their successes and trials on and off the court – are a continuous example of smashing stereotypes. The sport is about ability and competitive fire. It is testament to the spirit of our great athletes, their humanity, and the intensity of our game.
Gary Pate
Former USQRA President  

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